The Legend

Have you built up really strong arms and legs from riding motorcycles?  Good.  Because you will need both to stay on this bike the first few times coming off the line.  The Legend is a flat-track inspired modified Honda CB 100 and an example of top-notch re-engineering down to the nuts and bolts, and the torque out of first gear will put a teeth-bearing grin on your mug – if you are not in shock from the power delivered to the rear wheel.

Power, Strenght, Beauty

1984 Honda CB 100
220 cc
Re engineered frame
Custom engineered drive sprockets
Custom designed swing arm and monoshock suspension
Bison front shock system
HD style racing tank
All-metal custom body panels
Racing exhaust
ride as it is to look at.

“Love is that
feeling you
get when you
like something
as much as your



$9,500 Ride – Away


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